Your GPS for Outstanding Leadership by Egil Sandvik and Per-Egill Frostmann. Become a strengthsbased leader. The Core: Making organizations better for people.

First, we told you to do business smarter (Business IQ). Next, we told you to develop your associates talents (24 drivers for increasing your employees engagement).Then we told you to develop enthusiastic customer relationships (Business EQ)

In our latest book we tell you how you can become a strengthsbased leader (Your GPS for Outstanding Leadership).

We are not focusing enough on our own strengths as leaders. We copy this behaviour when we manage our associates. We tell them too often to correct their weaknesses. They do, and forget about their strengths.

”Your GPS for Outstanding Leadership” will help you and your associates spend more time on strengths and less time on weaknesses. The result is a significant boost in performance.

A number of large Norwegian companies are using the system – with great success .

Together we have dedicated our lifes to making organizations better for people, both customers, leaders and associates.

Our latest book “Your GPS for Outstanding Leadership” is an important contribution.

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